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Dodge Dakota 2008 doesn't Start** CHR5

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EVO-All.....reprogrammed Evo-All with Flash Updater....Went smoothly....C1 and D1 enanled along with 3x Lock....Connected Yellow fromT-Harness with yellow wire of 20 pin connector...Mauve wire from T-Harness to green-red wire of 20 pin connector....Programming in truck went smoothly...After flashing Blue Leds, hit Lock on OEM remote got a Beep and flashing Blue leds went off...Tried to 3x Remote start Blue LED went on with each press, but engine did not start....Tried Lock-unlock-Lock but still no response. When started with key , Yellow Led is on!! Master reset and tried again , no response...Each time I attached the T-Harness I had to reset the Clock...What am I doing WRONG?

asked Dec 21, 2018 in Dodge by tom lee (180 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Everyone....I figured it out....After selecting enabling D1, there are also suboptions that you must enable...such as "Lock-Lock-Lock....."  After doing this, truck remote started Truck and ran for 15min. and shut off....While it was running, I stepped on Brake pedal and it turned the truck off!!!  Have fun!!!smiley

answered Dec 22, 2018 by tom lee (180 points)


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