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LINKR-LT2 (VS-4LU) 4G won't work with EVO ONE

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I just got a Linkr-LT2. It came with the Linkr-LT1 quick install guide. I followed the steps in the quick install guide but the unit does not work.
The Linkr LT app only shows my car battery voltage and connection signal. The GPS tracking is working fine. The START/STOP/LOCK/UNLOCK
don't work. I searched the internet and found the "mycar installation guide". I followed the steps to learn the Linkr-lt2 to the Evo one. I turned on the "Fortin 2" function on the EVE ONe.  I pressed and held the valet button for 5 seconds but the RED led light on the Evo One did not turn on.


Problem SOLVED. .Linkr LT2 is working fine now...

I found the video on youtube 12voltsolution.  The guy pressed the UNLOCK button on car key several times to neutralize the EVO ONE before he did the following steps.


In order to communicate with the remote starter, the telematic system must be learned to the EVO-ONE.
1 - Cycle the ignition to the ON position.
2 - The YELLOW LED on top of the EVO-ONE should come ON.
3 - Press & Hold the EVO-ONE programming Valet button for 5 seconds.
4 - The RED LED on the side of the EVO-ONE will Flash rapidly.
5 - Release the push button.
6 - Press & Release the push button 5x times. Everytime the push button is pressed the parking lights
& the RED LED on the side of the EVO-ONE will blink.
7 - Then Press & Release the Brake pedal.
8 - At that same moment the RED LED on the side of the EVO-ONE will blink once to confirm that the
Telematic device ID has been learned to the EVO-ONE.
9 - Cycle the vehicle’s ignition to the OFF position to Exit the EVO-ONE programming.





asked Dec 16, 2018 in FAQ by HAI TRAN (210 points)
edited Dec 17, 2018 by HAI TRAN

2 Answers

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Would you happen to have the name of the video?
answered Aug 24, 2019 by Daniel Scott (310 points)
I found this in another post. I have a 2016 Ford F150 push-to-start Lariat. In order to program the linkr-lt2 I had to, with the doors closed, turn the ignition on-off-on and then followed the above instructions. The Evo-One would not enter valet mode by just holding the valet button for 5 seconds. My link-lt2 is working great with my Evo-One and THAR-FOR-3 harness.
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Thanks for this! Helped me set this up in 10 minutes!
answered May 8, 2019 by Alden Levy (160 points)