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Correct ignition wire, pin number on what plug letter located on BCM passenger kick panel?

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2016 Dodge Charger SE
EVO-All Ver.6 Firmware 74.32 with CHART6 harness

I have verified connection back to the EVO with meter. Ignition wire is one I am uncertain of. On the BCM I have metered every wire from harness A to G, I get 12V on both "pink/white" from BCM connector E.
When using either of the pink/white wires the car will turn over but die, or start n run less than 2 seconds, or till the EVO clicks again killing engine.

Please help, I planned to have this ready for Christmas.
Thank you,

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asked Dec 14, 2018 in Dodge by Bill Blasingame (130 points)

1 Answer

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I don't think your looking at the right spot. It says passenger side kick panel which would be below the BCM. More confusing they have the number 3 symbol on the driver side kick panel. Maybe that will help.
answered Dec 14, 2018 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,060 points)
Thanks Anthony,

So does the A1 wire from 20pin EVO-ALL need to go to harness on the driver side, near OBD-II connector where symbol 3 shows?
I am not sure, but it's saying passenger side and showing driver side. I would try passenger side but that's just a guess. It will be the panels in the feet well where the side of your feet can hit.


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