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Can I trim the extra wires from my THAR once installation is complete?

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I have a 2016 Mazda 3 doing a stand-alone install with a T-Harness.  Following the guide: http://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/62681/evo-all_ig_tsa_bi_maz1-3_pts_2014-2017_door_v2_e_62681.pdf.

Once completed, I will have only connected A8 and A20 directly from the "A" connector.  Can I cut the other wires from the A connector for a "cleaner" installation?  Obviously I would leave A1, A10, A19 because those are fed from the t-harness connections.

Also, if I have no plans of adding an RF kit, can I cut/remove the white & blue wires on the "B" connector as well as the "extra" red and black wires leading to the RF kit?

Like I said, just trying to make the cleanest install I can.
asked Dec 14, 2018 in Mazda by Tim Neasham (210 points)

1 Answer

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I remove all unneeded wiring from each connector once I verify the system is working properly.
answered Dec 14, 2018 by Brandon Cleary (1,250 points)