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2012 Ford Fusion SEL Question

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I am programming the Fortin EVO-ALL and using the Flashk link dcryptor because I only have a single key.  When I get to the last step where I am to wait for the flashing blue lights to turn off the key, my unit flashes blue rapidly and then alternates red/ yellow with the key still on befor I turn off the key.  I took the EVO back in to the flash link and plugged it in to run the dcryptor.  Tried the dcryptor both Monday and Tuesday.  It ran for over an hour and never completed the decription process.  What could be wrong?
closed with the note: Dcryptor was down which is why it wouldn't work
asked Dec 6, 2018 in Ford by davidtown23 (190 points)
closed Dec 12, 2018 by davidtown23


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