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Sometimes doesn't start on first crank!

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So, this is driving me nuts for days and I cannot figure it out. Please.......I can pay whoever solves this!



- 2007 Honda Accord (Standard key)

- Manual: https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/27111/evo-all_ig_reg_bi_hon_m_27111.pdf

- Everything wired up per diagram 1.

- Evo-ALL with latest firmware and proper car flashed.

- Viper 4104V remote starter 

- Connected in D2D mode to remote starter

- Viper status output (blue) is hardwired to the Evo-All GWR input (dark blue).

- Locking, unlocking, trunk all work excellent 100% of the time.

- Viper is wired to the cars: 12v constant, ground, ignition (heavy gauge), starter, accessory 1, accessory 2


Basically I am having VERY inconsistant crank, but no start issues that make zero sense. About 5 out of 10 times, it will start on the first crank. However, other times it will just crank for 4 seconds, then retry and fire on the second crank.... Also if it fails on the first, crank, I'm able press the remote start button to cancel the start.....then when I press the remote start button again, it will fire on the first crank....weird.


Any ideas? 


Why does the ignition wire from the Evo-All go to the 7 pin ignition barrel harness and not the heavy gauge ignition 1 wire on the other car harness?


Am I supposed to connect the Evo-All ignition wire to the remote starter ignition wire too?



asked Dec 6, 2018 in Honda by Nathan Castagneri (130 points)

1 Answer

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Did you program the tach input on the remote start?
answered Dec 6, 2018 by Mike M (7,420 points)
Hmm, well it's on the default setting, which is virtual-tach. Should be getting the tach signal from the Evo-All via can-bus? Starter never grinds.

That was one of my thoughts too.....going to look into changing the crank settings. I thought the car tells it when to fire, not the remote start?


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