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mazda 3 2012 standard key with evo-one : vehicle is not unlocking and alarm starts when remote starting the vehicle

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Need help.

Problem 1: the car don't unlock. I hear the lock mechanism, but it's like if the car is locking instead of unlocking. The flashers flash twice. The lock command works fine (flashers flash once).

Problem 2: when I remote start the car, the alarm starts. I have to unlock the car from the oem remote to stop the alarm.

I installed an Evo One in a Mazda 3 2012 standard key using the regular installation instructions https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/29661/evo-one_ig_reg_bi_maz-2-3-tribute_2001_key_b_29661.pdf

I connected all the wires directly, without any resistor.

The only wire I didn't connect is the "Parking Light" (E1).

The analog door lock wire (green/red A18) was connected to the dark green wire in the BCM driver kick panel (wirecolor pin 127,129) without any resistor.

All the firmwares are the latest.

Did I do something wrong?

Is it because of the parking light wire (White E1) that I didn't connect? I didn't find the wire on wirecolor. Is it accessory 2?

Is it because I didn't use the 1 Kohm resistor as on wirecolor for the analo door lock? How can I use a resistor for lock but not for unlock when using a single wire?

Do I have to activate/disable any option on the unit (evo one)?

Please help.


asked Dec 4, 2018 in Mazda by Andrei Todorut (130 points)

1 Answer

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Disconnect the green/red wire. Use purple with 1kohm resistor for lock and purple/white for unlock.
answered Dec 5, 2018 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)