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2015 Toyota Sienna no key take over

0 votes
I am looking at the options for a 2015 Toyota Sienna and I see that both the Evo one and Evo all modules do not allow for key take over. Does this mean that the vehicle will always shut down when the door is opened?
asked Dec 2, 2018 in Toyota by David Davis (640 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Are you talking about the push to start version? Then yes there is no take over.
answered Dec 2, 2018 by Mike M (9,820 points)
Yes I am talking about the push to start. I just did a push to start on a dodge journey but it didn't mention key takeover. I assume it just means there's no key inserted in the ignition. I just don't want the vehicle to shut down when the doors are opened.