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2017 Dodge Journey Install Guide States I need a Resistor but I don't see where it's used?

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I am reviewing the install guide #74201 and on the first page it states that the install requires 1 resistor. But it doesn't say what kind of resistor and the rest of the instructions never mention it. Also on page three the instructions show a wire location with the number 3 in which it states "passenger kick panel" but the image is showing the "driver kick panel" Can anyone clarify these install instructions.
asked Nov 30, 2018 in Dodge by David Davis (630 points)

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Hi my friend

about the reisitor , this use in line of parking light << the value of rsistor is 1k ohm  >>

befofor you connect this wire test the module may be turn on the parking light via can bus

if turn on (( no need to connect this wire ))

2nd about the wire in passenger kick panel << when open this area you can find this wire by easy in some joint

color (( pink/white )) this wire for ign. line and test it by the small led tester when turn the ign on the led on and when turn off the ign turn off

finally you can use evo all ,no need to evo one

with best regard

Ahmed Sabah

Electronic Engineer
answered Nov 30, 2018 by Ahmed Sabah (470 points)
selected Nov 30, 2018 by David Davis

Thank you for your response. I am using the Evo One because that is what I have in stock. Also I am a little confused by your sentence

"befofor you connect this wire test the module may be turn on the parking light via can bus"

I am not sure what you mean. 

EVO is taking care of the MUX parking light. No need for the resistor.
Thank you Robb. The diagram didn't show it so I figured it wasn't needed I just wanted to clarify.
when you install the module donot connect the wire of parking light (green/red) and test the remote start engine if the car turn parking light on that mean is every think ok

or if  the parking light no turn on that mean must connect the green / red wire

but with resistor 1 k ohm in series

good luck