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Flash link won't install the driver software on my pc

0 votes
I cant seem to get the flash link 4 to connect to my pc.  It picks up the driver and attempts to install but it keeps having an error.  I tried to manually install the program but it comes up with an error code (52) and says the digital signature could not be verified.
asked Nov 29, 2018 in Nissan by Jerome Hartung (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
I was battling this same issue over the past week. Getting very frustrated... I was attempting the install on two separate older laptops running Windows 7 on both. Same issue with the driver unable to install automatically or manually. I decided to try my friends next to new laptop running windows 8 and the driver loaded in seconds, and the module was programmed in minutes. All worked great after this.

This was my experience, hope it helps someone out there with the same issue.

answered Dec 1, 2018 by Jordan Boudreau (180 points)


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