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2015 Rav4 won't start with Car Link ASCL6 smart phone app EVO-ONE installed

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Hello. I have a EVO-ONE remote start in my 2015 Rav4 with a newly installed Car Link ASCL6 Telemantics module for cell phone remote start. I have also have the long range remote. The key fob 3x and long range remote works perfectly with no issues, but the cell phone app will not start the car. It shows the battery voltage in GREEN, cell signal in GREEN, door lock/unlock status, and GPS. When I touch the start button it won't start...the button turns blue then red showing it didn't start. It eventually goes back to white. The doors won't lock or unlock either, but it shows the status when I'm close to the car. I locked the doors with the fob and the status on the cell phone app changed to lock accordingly. When I unlocked the car with the fob it showed the unlock on the app correctly.

I followed the installation instructions correctly and if I didn't install it correctly I'd think it wouldn't show the battery voltage and other things I mentioned above. Protocol is set to FORTIN so I got that right. Can anyone help?


asked Nov 28, 2018 in Remote Starters by BRIAN THOMAS (260 points)

1 Answer

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You set the Evo One to "Fortin 2" also, not only the the ASCL6?
answered Nov 28, 2018 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,120 points)
I'm not sure about setting it on "Fortin 2". I got the EVO-ONE from an online dealer which was shipped to me. It was just a plug and play application. Are you saying that it had to be pre-programmed before it was sent to me? I assume I'd need to somehow connect the EVO-ONE to my computer and open up a special application in order to check if it's on "Fortin 2"?
If the Evo One was shipped with the ASCL6 it should be already set. But should doesn't imply it is. I would ask the seller. If the Evo One is set to Fortin 2 then I am not sure. If it is not then yes it would need programmed using Flash Link device and online application.
Ok I will ask them about it and post it when I find out.
I contacted the seller and they said that the unit is configured to Fortin 2. They do this for the customers so when you buy the Ascl6 from them all you have to do is plug it in.
Any additional thoughts?
Try reinstalling app. There is a lot of reviews saying their app is buggy. Some say if just don't work.
I would also try it standalone without the long range remote. There might be a conflict there.
Thanks for your response Anthony. I will disconnect the long range remote and see if that works. I wouldn't need the long range remote anyway if the app worked. I've been trying to also get through to customer service and their answering system keeps me on hold and no one ever answers. I uninstalled the app 3 times and that didn't do anything. Will try what you suggested this afternoon.
Anythony thanks so much! I got it working! You were right about the long range remote. I disconnected the long range remote antenna but left the HRN-LLRS-01 wire harness on. I went through the process again of putting the EVO-ONE in programming mode for setting up the module, and first try I got it!

I don't need to use the long range remote anyway since sometimes it wouldn't even turn on the car from 2 blocks away!

Thanks again Anthony!