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Toyota Sequoia2003 Evo ALL+Encore E5 not work

0 votes
Toyota Sequoia 2003 Evo ALL+Encore E5 dont work-engine start only for 2-3 seconds and off -bypass programm is ok but not work .

wirning cables check many times -whats wrong ??

evo all is not ok for this car ?? thursday customer back to me ,i try use evo key -is ok this bypas ??
asked Nov 27, 2018 in Toyota by Radoslaw Patora (740 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
are you sure the bypass programmed ok? Sounds like there's no captured key data. The Evo-all should be perfectly fine for this vehicle.
answered Nov 27, 2018 by Joshua Halsey (630 points)
Yes ,thre times programmed bypass,all the times car start only for 2-3 sec and engine stop .

maybe this car must diffrent connection ?


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