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ford explorer 2015 wont program the keys, lights stay blue and red, never flash or turn off

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i have a 2015 ford exploder, i bought the evo all for it and the flash link, have all the connections and wires connected as stated in the wiring diagram, install the t harness and made my connections to the obd wires can hi and can low,, plugged in the 4 pin power connector, stopped the lights at blue and red installed all the other connections, did the key program as directed key 1 key 2 and then key 1, nothing ever changed on the module, lights stayed continuosly lit up, the only that ever happened was when key 1 was insterted for the 2nd time the doors locked. no lights ever changed on the module and the keys never programmed.

i have the 3 button setting set on the flash link program
asked Nov 25, 2018 in Ford by Daniel Krofta (130 points)

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