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2016 Dodge Grand Caravan Headlight Switch Issues.

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I installed the EVO-CHRT4 unit in my 2016 Grand Caravan with no issues, but now my Headlights are always on when the car is running. The Headlight Switch does not work and does not even light up as it should at night. My install was just the T harness with no additional modifications. Never even touched the Headlight Switch. Any idea what's going on? All help is greatly appreciated.
asked Nov 25, 2018 in Dodge by James Napier (180 points)

1 Answer

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You will want to disconnect the tharness and see if your lights still don’t work properly I have seen several where it will burn a fuse during install and it will be one of the square fuses that are hard to test
answered Nov 25, 2018 by trevor gorniak (2,230 points)
selected Dec 4, 2018 by James Napier
Found a bent pin in the T harness which was the issue. Everything seems to be working ok now.