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2016 Legacy no start with remote starter

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I installed the Evo One in my daughters 2016 Subaru Legacy Limited with the regular key. I used the "T" harness and wired it as described on the website.

When Lock button is press 3 times, the parking lights flash 3 times.  I red in the quick start guide that this means read mode disabled.  But could not see where to diagnose this issue.

Programming went fine, All the LED lights did as they were supposed to.  Decrypting worked OK.

There are no LED lights lit on the unit at any time while plugged into vehicle.  None when hit lock button, none when key is on,

Pressing lock 3 times does nothing, tried unlock, then lock 3 times and nothing.

I did notice the security light on the dash glows very slightly inbetween flashes, and also with the engine running.  I connected all the wires as per the wiring diagram   The IMO wires are connected at the back of the fuse panel in the White/Blue wire.  The Yellow loop is cut as this is an automatic vehicle.

asked Nov 24, 2018 in Subaru by Mark Bittinger (130 points)

1 Answer

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3 flashes after a no-start attempts as you stated means ready mode is not activated... Ready mode is a sequence one has to follow to put a manual transmission car into a remote start ready mode. You mention you have cut the yellow loop, I'm wondering was the unit ever plugged in while the loop was still intact? It could be that the unit has locked into manual transmission mode (I'm not sure if that's how it behaves). You could try doing a master reset (and recheck selected options in flashlink if settings weren't locked), and seeing if that works.
answered Nov 27, 2018 by Hamid Afridi (370 points)
It was never plugged in by me with loop intact, but maybe it was a returned unit(does not look as if it were ever opened).

How would the master reset be done?  Through the computer while attached to the Flashlink?

Also curious as to why the LED lights do nothing at any time on the unit while in the vehicle other than when entering the programming mode.  Or is this normal?

Thanks so much!
There is a small red led under the yellow loop, how many times does it flash after you pressed 3x lock ?
I will have to check to be sure, but I do not think it did anything.  The car is not at my shop right now.   Iwill post as soon as I get it back here.  Thank you!
It does not flash at all. There are no lights unless you are going into the programming mode where you hold button and plug harness in.