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Cannot get past solid blue light when attempting the second pass after Dcrytor

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I have started from fresh multiple times on a 2015 Mazda CX-5,I get through steps 1-12 ok , hook up to laptop, do the Dcryptor program, go back to vehicle hook up the module , data link first then other connectors, then disconnect data link , then all other connectors. Then start at step 1 again, get to the solid blue light but when trying the step 5 with the OEM remote again the blue light stays on solid no matter how many times I retry the steps, I have an EVO-MAZT1, and have done the evo all Master reset numerous times as well to get back to a fresh starting point, enabling this vehicles recommended options as instructed. I always get everything to work as per instructions but cannot past the second pass solid blue light. I tried downgrading the firmware as suggested by someone else that was having the same problem. This is a push to start vehicle. This is not the first Evo that I have installed but just happens to be the wife's.
asked Nov 24, 2018 in Mazda by Tim Dreher (240 points)

1 Answer

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I had this problem. Call the service desk, ask them if its possible to reset the module on their end. What I had done is gone past the second key procedure without getting the proper indications, which set the unit up incorrectly on their server.
answered Jan 6 by johnathan maddox (150 points)