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too many decrypts for evo all

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I was having troubles programming the Evo All using the one key programming guide. So, I switched and tried the 2 key programming guide. It worked, but I was not able to do a take over. So, I have been trying to get the single key programming to work. It never actually worked, so I switched back to the 1 key guide.... I didn't see until just now that it couldn't be programmed more than once with the same vehicle. So, attempting to program it both ways screwed me up?

long story short - the decryptor told me I can't try any more for my vehicle. So, it needs to be reset from the server end?

(it would be nice if your computer software told you what cars you had generated keys for already... then you could use them or delete them yourself.... - programmer's 2 cents)
asked Nov 22, 2018 in Mazda by Neal Meeker (230 points)

1 Answer

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I had the same thing, I had to do an EVO-All master reset,

Hold down the programming button while plugging in data link connector

Let go of button when LED is red

Push and hold button again until all lights are start to alternate

Disconnect unit it now reset

You will have to use your Flash Link to re enable your vehicles suggested special options such as C1 and D1 for the 3x lock start.

I have reset mine numerous times as I am stuck trying to get through the second pass of steps 1-12, I can't get past the solid blue light when redoing 5 and 6.

Good luck with your CX-5
answered Nov 24, 2018 by Tim Dreher (240 points)