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I cannot get the remote start to actually start the car.

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I have installed the EVO-ALL and flashed with the appropriate codes, but the car will not start.  The car is a 2014 Honda Accord with key start.

I have programmed the unit several times attempting to get it to start, but it still will not start the car.  It attempts to start, but never completely starts.

The car will start using the key, and turns right over, just not with the remote start.  When attempting to start, the red and yellow LEDs light up, which I believe is correct.

I have flashed the unit three times to no avail.
asked Nov 22, 2018 in Honda by Keith Hahn (130 points)

1 Answer

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What reote starter are you using ?
answered Nov 22, 2018 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (57,460 points)
I am using the EVO-ALL starter, along with the RS00-G5 Crimestopper.

I believe I have programmed everything correctly, but for some reason, the engine won't turn over completely.