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2010 Ford Taurus (PTS) - Successful Program, car not starting

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Wiring completed with 1 issue - the ignition wire color on the harness did not match the color on the diagram provided for the 2010 Ford Taurus PTS (Push to start).  I wired to the pin designated in the documentation, but the color was Brown/Blue, not Grey/Brown.

Programming seem to have worked succesfully.  (Initial programming. decryption, all settings left as is)

Device was programmed  in vehicle at version 71.28.  After successful decryption, device was upgraded to latest version.

Currently state:   

When I perform the 3X Lock, the unit appears to activate (locks cycle, brake light activates...) but the car does not start.

I can hear the device clicking when I believe the unit is trying to 'start', but the car does not start.

I have photos of the wiring harness in question above if needed.

asked Nov 18, 2018 in Ford by DANIEL TUMA (130 points)

1 Answer

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Had the same thing with my 2011 Ford Taurus. This is what I was told to do by support. Check to see if you have 12 volts at the yellow wire with the ignition on if you have it wired to the gray/brown wire it will show no voltage.. Support told me to find a wire with 12 volt only when the ignition is on so i found the yellow wire at pin 10 on the same plug had 12 volts and wired the yellow wire to that one. After that everything programed fine and has been working great.

answered Nov 19, 2018 by Martin Egeland (150 points)
When you say 'with the ignition on' - do you mean have the vehicle running?

Just a single press the the 'Push to Start' button (not running)?


I appreciate your quick response and help Martin!
Foot off the brake push the start button ignition will come on without the car running. Now look for the 12 volts supply.