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EVO-ALL 2015 Jeep Wrangler adding extended RF KIT car wont start.

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I have an EVO-ALL originally programmed to use Factory 3x start.

I added the RF642W followed the programming intructions succesfully paired the remotes to the system and when testing the remote units talk to the EVO but when attempting to start it only turns on the RED light, then the yellow light but no blue and will not start the car, it also will not lock or unlock with RF kit Here are the internal settings. A1, A2, A3, A4, A7 thru 11 all on. I also have B2 on but have also attempted install with it off. C1 is on also attempted with it off. D1 on with 30min runtime. D2 on and H on with H2 selected. Flashlink manager is 4.36 with EVO-ALL running 74.{38}  firmware and 6.0 hardware.  

What did I do wrong. Unit was running perfectly with 3x start
asked Nov 18, 2018 in Jeep by TImothy Collins (130 points)

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