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Evo-one will not 3x lock start with oem remote

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2006 Cadillac Ext. has factory alarm but no remote start. On advice from a friend that is a certified installer, I bought an EVO-ONE since he said it would work with the factory remote and be able to do the 3x Lock with the OEM remote. The unit was installed properly and double checked via installer. Initially, it would not move past having a solid blue led because of yellow wire (A1) on 20 pin connector not being connected, was connected and checked again (this is not shown as needed in the wiring diagram). Initial settings were not allowing for the data signal to be picked up so the unit was re-flashed to 70.18 and the data signal was able to be found and programmed. All applicable settings are as suggested and 3x lock is enabled in the settings with the flash-link. The unit is now programmed properly for the bypass but will not remote start the truck via OEM remote and 3x lock. Needed to use the vehicle and wasn't able to get anywhere with support on Saturday since they're closed.

Current firmware flash confirmed:

Bypass: 70.18 firmware, 2.0 hardware

Starter: 1.24 firmware, 7.0 hardware

Thanks for any help.
asked Nov 18, 2018 in Cadillac by Joshua Ramey (130 points)

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