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EVO ONE Installation/Programming 2004 Ford Expedition

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I have installed the Evo-One module and the wiring as follows: (Guide #22301)

A1 of 20 pin harness (yellow) to E5 of 6 pin harness (pink)

A10 of 20 pin harness (ight blue/black stripe) to RX (Pin 4) of igntion barrel connector C (gray/orange stripe)

A11 of 20 pin harness (black) to Green wire for foot brake connector (above foot brake)

A20 of 20 pin harness (light blue) to TX (Pin 3) of ignition barrel connector C (white/green stripe)

E1 of 6 pin harness (white) to Brown wire of light selector switch

E2 of 6 pin harness (orange) to accesory wire of ignition switch (black/light green stripe)

E3 of 6 pin harness (red) to constant battery power of igntion switch (light green/violet stripe)

E4 of 6 pin harness (black) to ground

E5 of 6 pin harness (pink) to A1 of 20 pin harness and  ignition wire of the ignition switch (dark blue/light green stripe)

E6 of 6 pin harness (yellow) to starter wire of ignition switch (red/light blue stripe)

When I go to program it, I get to the final step and the red doesnt flash ten times like its supposed to. I get to the red light, turn the ignition to RUN, then the lights show red and yellow. I wait three seconds then turn it to off, which goes back to a solid red. I pull the key out of the ignition, then reinsert and turn it back to RUN and the red light flashes once then stays solid red. I turn the key to off and pull it out of the ignition and the light stays a solid red.

The firmware for the bypass is 4.18 which is recommended by the Flashlink Manager, but the install guide #22301 recommends 71.35. Could that be the problem? The remote start recommended firmware is 1.24. Could I have gotten the RX and TX wires not hooked up correctly?

Do I need to run the Dcryptor? I ran the dcryptor as the intstructions said and it seemed to have worked. I'm not sure what I would need it for.

Do I need to use the valet switch?

If I want to install a hood pin, which wire do I connect it to of the 20 pin harness?

If you could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
asked Nov 18, 2018 in Ford by Nicholas Meyer (160 points)
edited Nov 19, 2018 by Nicholas Meyer

1 Answer

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Use firmware 4.18 and do the 1 key dcryptor programming instead. If you dont have 2 master keys, the 2 key programming method will not work.


The Valet is required to prevent remote start when the vheicle is being serviced.

Hood pin goes the Pink/Black wire on the 20 pin
answered Nov 19, 2018 by Robert T (280,360 points)
Thanks, I'll have to try it out.
I can get the EVO-ONE to program doing the Dcryptor, but the problem is that I need to program my RF642W remotes. I use Guide #33021 and follow the steps for programming the transmitters, but nothing happens. The antenna LED lights up only for a moment when I plug it into the EVO-ONE. I checked all of my wiring and it's all good. I hooked up the hood pin.

How do I program the valet button?

This install is getting frustrating. I installed a remote start on my 2006 Dodge Truck just fine and this one is kicking my butt.
I checked all of my wiring and still nothing. I'm having issues programming the RF642W remotes.
did you solve this issue?  Having the same prob on 2005 expedition!!


I followed this to program my rf642w remoted and I got mine working


Good luck


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