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EVO-One and Linkr-Lt1 not able to pair

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Can't program the Linkr-Lt1 to the EVO-One. 

I have the EVO-One installed and working fine but when i installed the LinkR-Lt1 and try to pair or "learned to the EVO-One" i can't get the evo one to learn it.

following MyCar instructions:

1-cycle ignition to on

2- yellow LED comes on on the EVO-One

3- Press and hold EVO-One push button for 5 Secs but the parking lights and the Red LED on the side of the EVO-One do not come on

here is what i checked so far:

  • made sure "Fortin2" is checked under Remote Starter Mode in flshlink manager
  • double checked the wiring from Linkr-Lt1 to EVO-One 
  • the Linkr-Lt1 module has both solid lights on

Thanks for any help


asked Oct 29, 2018 in Mazda by Orlando Corzo (310 points)
edited Oct 30, 2018 by Orlando Corzo

1 Answer

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I figured it out. Had to use the Valet push button instead of the one built into the EVO-One to program. Works perfect now. Thanks!!!
answered Oct 30, 2018 by Orlando Corzo (310 points)
selected Oct 30, 2018 by Orlando Corzo
How did you have the linkr wired up? i'm having the same issues and i'm not able to get the red light to turn on or anything with the valet button. Not sure what im doing wrong so any insight would be awesome.


I have the same problem..

I bought the Omega Linkr TL2 and it wont communicate with the EVO ONe.

1. set Evo ONe to "Fortin 2"

2. checked the wring and connection.


1.  turn on the ignition

2. press and hold the valet button for 5 seconds but the red light on the Evo One does not turn on.  ........
What was the fix on this?


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