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Car is unlocking while remote started and Auto light issue

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Hi, I installed fortin Evo-all with Crimestopper rs4-g5 and everything working fine expect for one issue. I find that car is getting unlocked when it is remoted started and I think becuase of this auto-lights off also not working they are staying on for whole run.

How can I keep the vechicle locked while remote started and unlock it with remote start key. I taught this is default thing for remote startes or do I need to enable option 8 is rs4-g5?
asked Oct 29, 2018 in Toyota by Vamsi Chennupati (240 points)

1 Answer

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Turn off option D2
answered Oct 29, 2018 by Mike M (7,640 points)
My car has factory alaram in it. Eveywhere I read it is saying I need to turn on D2 option. Are you sure on this?
The evo doesn't control the door locks on your vehicle you need to wire it from the remote start.
I used lock and unlock  wires from rs4-g5 only.

I just enabled this option in evo-all instead of enablingt this in remote starter.

coming to auto-lights, are they supposed to stay on while car is running on remote start and off after it stopped? or they supposed to swtich of even while car is running on remote start?
Stay on and shut down with the remote start shut down
Thanks Mike.

Do you receommed enable the option D5 ini evo-all.

I also want to mention that once it is remote started, even if I press the lock button on remote start key, car doors are getting unlocked immdeitaly and not staying locked.

What I am missing here? where they are getting unlocked even I press lock button?
Maybe on the remote start settings