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Door status not outputted for 5-6 seconds after remote shut down

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I have a recent EVO-ALL (hardware v6, firmware v70.35) on a 2008 GMC Sierra connected to a third-party remote starter (i.e. *not* in stand-alone mode). It works perfectly except for one bug: once the EVO-ALL initiates a shut-down, it doesn't monitor and/or output the door status untill about 3-4 seconds after the vehicle is shut down. The door status is outputted correctly if engine is still on or if I wait 3-4 seconds after shut down before opening the door. Could you please ask your developers if this could be fixed in a firmware update? Thank you!

UPDATE: it sounds like there are relays in the EVO-ALL, and the door status isn't outputted until after the relays "click" off or on after a remote shut down. This click occurs 5-6 seconds after shutdown, so hopefully this will help your developers out.
asked Oct 28, 2018 in GMC by timmerk (950 points)
edited Oct 31, 2018 by timmerk

1 Answer

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This is normal, after a shutdown the module is busy. This is not a bug.
answered Oct 31, 2018 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (49,690 points)
The powerful microcontroller in the EVO should be able to handle a door status CAN message. I'm sure one of the engineers can figure out how to do this - it's most likely just a software change. Could you please put me in touch with your engineering team? If not, will a bug report filed via the FlashLink Manager software be sent directly to them?
Again, this is not a BUG, this is the way it work. Filling a BUG report won't help here.
I understand you say it's not a bug - I was just asking if using the bug reporting tool would connect me with developers who could improve on the code so the status would be output even after shutdown.


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