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Adding RF Kit to EVO One

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I have a 2004 trailblazer with no OEM remotes.  I would like to add remotes on.  I purchased the EVO One, then purchased the FTX-64-2W.  That came with a long cord and a T harness.  Im not sure how to use the T harness? Anyway, I cannot get the EVO to go into programming mode to program remotes.  I plug in the antenna, and the LED comes on then goes off.  Nothing else happens.  I tried the instructions and getting into valet mode, but the antenna LED does not flash.  Currently flashed for the 2004 trailblazer, with updated firmware.  No options in flash link to enable/disable rf control.  Any help suggested.  Thanks.  Also, when it says ignition on, does that mean to start the car or put the switch in the position right before starting the car?
asked Oct 28, 2018 in Chevrolet by Jeffrey Cabello (130 points)

2 Answers

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"Ignition On" is the position the key is constantly in when you're driving the car. When turning the key clockwise from the "Off" position you can tell you've reached the "Ignition On" position as soon as the icons on your dashboard light up all at once.

Regarding your issue: have you successfully completed the key bypass programming procedure from the page 7 of Guide #23261?

answered Dec 17, 2018 by Michael Steinhaus (180 points)
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The antenna won't flash .. The evo one will flash where the yellow loop is. Its misleading.
answered Dec 17, 2018 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,120 points)