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2016 Fusion RAP stopping when engine is shut off remotely or times out not working

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2016 Ford Fusion, Standard Key, EVO ONE with T Harness. All connections made including those listed as optional. Relay used for Parking Lights, Driver Door Pin on pin 33 of BCM green violet to A17 ... A18 as per instructions. No T Taps - everything soldered. Remote start functionality fine.  With the RAP connection the voltage from the auto's bcm side is 10v not 4 or 5.  If I start the car with the remote, let it run one minute, hit the start button again to shut the engine off, the parking lights stay on 2 mins and the radio stays on for 10 minutes. I timed them. Also if I let the car run 15 minutes and essentially time out, the engine shuts off but the radio and lights stay on for 10 minutes. I was expecting the radio to shut off instantly just as if I had open the drivers door. Look forward hearing comments.

asked Oct 25, 2018 in Ford by rob reeves (200 points)

1 Answer

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Enable option D5 - relock after start and try again
answered Oct 25, 2018 by Robb (208,540 points)

I verified the D5 option was set to relock after start. Still no joy. I was told to verify I had the correct wire from the bcm by starting the car with the key, then turn the car off and without opening the door, cut or interrupt the circuit. Basically take the fortin controller out of the equation. If I indeed had the correct wire the radio would shut down. I did as suggestted and the radio went off immediately. I then took the identified wire from the bcm and wired it to the controller as outlined in the install guide with the voltage side going to pin A18 and the non voltage side to pin A17. I then started the car with the remote and a minute later stopped the engine with the remote. The radio stayed on. It would not turn off.

System Install Info if it helps.

2 Key Programming
Unit Serial Number: 002B07258418
T Harness:THAR=FORD2 Rev.1LOT 50317
Guide: 59431