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Evo-one and compustar t11 and g15 pro

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This is more of anwsering my own questions that I had prior to installing my system. I have an eve-one installed and a compustar t11 & g15 pro rf kit. Both remotes programed as expected with the lock button. The g15 pro works 100% as expected, aside from not sounding off when the alarm is set off (but that's how it's supposed to work). On the t11 remote the voltage and temprature work great. The only thing that doesn't work as expected on the t11 is the engine icon, which should be lit when the car is able to be remote started, is not lit. The car still remote starts, you just dont get the engine icon that says it's ready to be started. In all though the compustar t11, g15 pro and the ant-2wdss antenna work great with the evo-one.
asked Oct 19, 2018 in Cadillac by Austin Poch (160 points)

2 Answers

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I understand that the T11 isn't a supported configuration, but others have managed to make this work, so I'm just looking for a little help as I'm sure I've done something incorrectly --

I don't seem to have any communication between the ANT-2WDSS and the EVO-ONE (no lights on the antenna and lock button doesn't program).

Setup is a 2017 Civic Coupe with manual and standard key.  FirsTech is enabled in the Flashlink program.

I've re-pinned the connector to match the diagram in the compustar document.

I've tried the latest RS firmware and also the 0.96 firmware.

It has been suggested to perform a reset on the EVO-ONE after the unit is flashed, but the documentation suggests this requires a programmed remote to perform the reset (to access mode #1 of function #23).

Any clues would be very appreciated.


answered Jan 5 by Jeffrey Ingber (570 points)
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I upgraded the firmware on the RS side to 1.16 from 0.96 and both remotes programmed right away and all functions appear to work properly.
answered Jan 7 by Jeffrey Ingber (570 points)