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Evo One Subaru Impreza 2014 standard key

0 votes
I installing evo one to Subaru Impreza 2014 standard key Automatic Transmission.

many times  check all connection

many times flash program - last time firmawe 79.49 ( this moment is blocked evo one but to many times flashing)

Car no start ,no reaction and blue led no flashing when door lock or unlock...

evo good programming and good decryptor -all is good but no blue led flash when used remote to lock car.


why evo is blocked ,no more flashing modules ??


why car no start-all connection check many times -all is ok
asked Oct 19, 2018 in Subaru by Radoslaw Patora (740 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
The module has a limit for security concerns. To get it reset you can contact by phone technical support.
answered Oct 19, 2018 by Antoine Marion (1,590 points)


but why no blue led flash when lock car ??

is a diffrent connection for this car ??


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