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MyCar app not showing runtime and only starts less than half time.

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2014 RAV4. EVO All. Crimestopper Cool Start RS00-G5. T-harness. I finally got this setup to work with the OEM black H-key remote with 3X Lock press. I still don’t get a parking light conformation, and the doors won’t unlock, via automatically or with the fob. The MyCar app shows battery and signal levels, and GPS location. No runtime, or remote start conformation. It only seems to start after I open the map and it is located. Then it will start, shutdown and locks require the same. I do have a Fortin flashing tool, and don’t know what else to do.

Please help?!?!

Thank you!
asked Oct 18, 2018 in Toyota by Joe Callaco (380 points)

1 Answer

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Is the mycar plugged into the rs-00g5?
answered Oct 18, 2018 by derek ! (284,720 points)
Yes, it is.
The blue connector to the MyCar and white connector to the RS-00g5.
run time and start confirmation is going to be supplied form the rs-00 piece. You may want to contact crimestopper.
Link is not working. Can you explain what you did that solved the problem. Thanks