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2014 Murano - What is the Door Pin connection for?

0 votes
I have installed the FORTIN EVO-ALL with THAR-NIS1 in my 2014 Murano.  The only connection I was not able to make was the Door Pin connection to the Pin on the BCM connector.  I found the BCM, but it's on a board that is too tight to access even after removing the instrucment cluster, etc.  Can I leave it disconnected and what will happen as a result?
asked Oct 14, 2018 in Nissan by Marc Fuller (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
If the door pin wire isn't connected, the radio and the rooflamp might stay on when the car is turned off.
answered Oct 15, 2018 by Antoine Marion (1,590 points)
edited Oct 15, 2018 by Antoine Marion


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