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Evo one, solid red light only when programming...lights not alternating

0 votes
2017 sonata, reg key, no -ems com, I was trying to install LT1 smartphone kit,,,oem and rf1 were working, tried to program, held down module button and plugged in ignition harness, only red light stays on
asked Oct 13, 2018 in Hyundai by rich soler (560 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
What is the service number of the module? Are you talking about the programming of the EVO ONE to the car? It is ok if the red light stays on when you release on red.
answered Oct 15, 2018 by Antoine Marion (1,590 points)
Got it, I had to flash the program again, I had an error saying the current program was incompatible...but I installed the same program and it worked
Working, wiring was wrong