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Evo-One with Volvo c30

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I have an evo-all installed with DR-1000 remote starter. It was using non-data link connection. 2g on drone mobile was discontinued so they sent me a free DR-3400. I see that drone is not compatible with Evo-all and only evo-one, and the vehicle compatability says EVO-ONE is compatible with Volvo 2008 C30.


Problem is there are no install instructions so I can verify what I have installed will work with an Evo-one. Thinking I can just buy an Evo-one and plug it in where the Evo-All was plugged in, then plug in the DR-3400 over data link and it should work. Am I missing anything? (yes I know the two cables have to be flipped for datalink to work with Evo-one and drone mobile). Origonal install was in 2011.
asked Oct 11, 2018 in Volvo by Bryan MacKenzie (130 points)

1 Answer

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The DR3400 connects to current remote starter that is installed in your car. The EVO-ALL is not a remote starter in your installation.
answered Oct 11, 2018 by Robert T (280,210 points)

your current setup is most likely

  1. EVO-ALL (bypass module)
  2. DR-1000 = the telematics device that is connected to the remote starter
  3. A remote starter that the DR-1000 is connected to


no reason to change the whole install if all you need to change is the telematics device.
You are correct .I have the cm6200 installed. Very compact install so just removing a lot of trim to get at the wiring.


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