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No response to transmitter after installation. #04809731217 EVO-CHR.T4

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Once I got my Fortin EVO-CHR.T4 installed and programmed in my Chrysler Town and Country according to the instructional diagrams, it does not respond to the transmitter. Please advise how to troubleshoot. Is reprogramming the EVO-CHR needed?
asked Jan 4, 2014 in Chrysler by chad vande hey (190 points)

1 Answer

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Can you give us your Bypass Module's Service Number please.
It is a 12 digits Number at the back of your module.

To turn an Evo-ALL into a Stand Alone  3X lock remote Starter you Need to Activate Option #15 with the help of a FLASH-LINK-2 And a Computer Running Microsoft Windows XP or 7

Thank you
answered Jan 6, 2014 by Charles Beauchamp (9,020 points)
selected Jan 6, 2014 by Robert T