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I had everything installed and working with the most current firmware(Bypass 75.38, Remote 1.24) , 3x start etc. But when I flash to 0.50 for the remote side for Drone Mobile it takes fine but I CAN NOT find the offline options anywhere no matter how i connect up the unit, the "unit options" is just missing from the CONFIGURATION menu no matter what I do (CTRL O), hence the car will not start as I can set the 3x remote to start option?

It shows "unit connected, Firmware: 0.50, Connection mode: Remote-Starter but no offline options? HELP!
asked Oct 7, 2018 in Volkswagen by Gary King (250 points)

2 Answers

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Well after no progress I called tech support and they were very helpful but I still have not achieved start with 0.50 firmware. The reason I did not have the OFFLINE options in the flashlink tool is that they LEFT THEM OUT of the current 4.33 release!! They emailed me the link for 4.32 and the OFFLINE options showed up right off the bat, go figure. But with that I was able to check my options and they were already enabled from setting them in the current 1.24 before flashing to 0.50, so I am back to square one...
answered Oct 8, 2018 by Gary King (250 points)
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SO... Drone Mobile is NOT 100% compatible as advertised. I recieved this response back from support today, sucks as I have allready paid my year subscription for Drone Mobile....

"Your issue with 0.50 is unfortunately a product limitation. Option 32.6 , which was created to allow start/stop control via the dark blue wire on the EVO-ONE, did not exist when the 0.50 firmware was created. This is why your install works with 1.24 but not 0.50.
The good news is that Drone will be available in a future non beta firmware. Unfortunately this will not be available for another couple of months; maybe sooner, maybe later."
answered Oct 10, 2018 by Gary King (250 points)
I have an Evo-ONE and Drone 5400 on my 2011 Golf TDI 6spd manual and it works properly. I've also installed the same setup into a 2011 Camry and it works properly. When you setup the drone, what configuration did you use? You should have left everything default. I use 0.50 firmware. Did you swap the white and blue wire around in the 4 pin connector? I'll help the best I can.
2 different VWs

His specific model, with push button start, requires an option (32.6) that is non existent in 0.50 firmware. 0.50 was created a few years before the 32.6 option came out.
Hello I have 2013 audi a5 automatic do you know if 5400 dronemobile will work with evo one
Any news when we will be able to use DroneMobile on a newer firmware than 0.50?