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No LED's when plugging in Data-Link wire

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I'm using a Crimestopper RS7 with an EVO-ALL.  Installation was working for a few weeks, then stopped.  Now, when inserting the Data-Link connector while holding the button, no LED's light.  When disconnected, the Crimestopper is putting out 12.0 Volts on the red wire, and 3.6 Volts on both the white and blue.  After connecting to the EVO-ALL, the 12.0 Volts drops to 0.8.

So I hooked up this EVO-ALL in a different vehicle with the same setup (Crimestopper RS7),  The same voltage drop occured, with no LED's.  In this different vechicle, I then replaced its original EVO-ALl, and everything worked again.  So I assumed I had a bad EVO-ALL.

Fast forward to today . . . I have a different EVO-ALL that I plugged in.  But the same problem with no LED's.  Any suggestions?
asked Oct 5, 2018 in Toyota by Greg Crowser (130 points)

1 Answer

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Try going wire to wire instead of using the data link.
answered Oct 5, 2018 by Derek (156,590 points)
Thank you, that worked.  But I have a couple follow-up questions.  Was the problem with the Crimestopper being underpowered, or the EVO-ALL drawing too much power?  Also, using the same Crimestopper, one older EVO-ALL flashed with Honda firmware works, whereas the newer EVO-ALL flashed with Toyota firmware doesn't.  I can't imagine one firmware drawing more power than another.  So do newer EVO-ALL's demand more power than older ones?