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Recent EVO-ALL firmware does not work on 07 Grand Cherokee.

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I've recently upgraded my remote start system in my 07 Grand Cherokee.  What I had was and Autopage remote start unit with and EVO-ALL using 74.08 firmware.  All functions worked on that system.  I decided to upgrade to a new Compustar CMS7200 unit while keeping the EVO-ALL.  During installation, I wanted to check which options I could set in the EVO-ALL using the flash link updater.  When I hooked it up, it told me that new firmware is available and 74.35 was recommended.  I upgraded the firmware and set the options and tested it out.  Everything worked except the remote start.  The vehicle would start and run for about 3 seconds and then shutdown.  Knowing that my previous system didn't do this, I downgraded back to 74.08 which worked fine.  I ended up going between several versions of firmware trying to get the later versions to work.  I tried 74.34, then 74.22 and both shutdown the remote start immediately.  I also tried 74.14 which worked.  During this process, I was trying to troubleshoot the unlock-lock before remote start, so i downgraded to 74.12 noting how 74.14 made the relock faster after unlock before remote start.  After this, it told me my unit can't be flashed anymore.  So why doesn't the newer firmware work?  And can you unlock my EVO-ALL so that I can manage the options in it?
asked Sep 18, 2018 in Jeep by Levi Kudrna (240 points)

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Your unit is reset.


As for the unit not working, that is a discrepancy that can happen on the odd vehicle. As much as we like to think they are all the same, time and millions of drive cycles causes vehicles to act differently.


The unlocking and locking was caused by having option D2 enabled in the evo.


Realistically, If all you did was update the brain (the cm7200) in your car, you did not even need to touch the evo. It would have worked just as it did before when you re connected it.
answered Sep 18, 2018 by derek ! (277,630 points)
selected Sep 18, 2018 by Levi Kudrna


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