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EVO-One Remote start function not working- everything else does

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2006 Cdillac CTS base, standard key, EVO-One FW version 70.18, remote start v. 1.24. Wired & programmed per the diagram, 6-pin wires soldered to ignition switch wiring, using Fortin White wire as 2nd accessory. Module programmed per instructions- Program button held, power connector plugged in, Blue LED, plugged in remaining connectors (20-pin, valet, and antenna), key on, wait for Red LED, wait for Red LED flashing, start engine, hold for 3 seconds, Yellow LED, turn engine off.

Using Omega RF-51 remotes. They were programmed per instructions and can lock/unlock and pop trunk. Nothing happens when remote start function is tried.
asked Sep 13, 2018 in Cadillac by Paul Caraccount (340 points)

1 Answer

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Did you cut the yellow loop?
answered Sep 14, 2018 by Derek (178,310 points)
Yes, the wires are apart. Also, the security light is off in the ON/RUN position, so I did not hook up the 6-pin connector W/R and W/GN wires. It comes on with the ignition and goes off a few seconds later. I don't know if a 2006 is an "older model" Cadillac.

Here's a summary of the wiring:
20-pin A1 Yellow is soldered ot the Pink ignition wire at the igntion switch (also E5 here).

20-pin A11 Black is soldered to the white brake wire at the rear fuse box.

20-pin A16 is soldered to the datalink feed for the radio (same circuit [1807] as the DLC under the dash). The fact I can access the body control module to lock/unlock indicates this wire is connected correctly.

6-pin E1 White is soldered to ignition switch Brown, GM accessory feed. Unit is configured to use the White wire as a 2nd accessory.

6-pin E2 Orange is soldered to ignition switch Orange, GM accessory feed.

6-pin E3 Red is soldered to ignition switch Red/White, GM battery feed (antenna power wire attaches here also).

6-pin E4 Black is attached via the ring terminal to a metal dash bolt. Tested same for contiuity for ground and it was OK (antenna grounds here also).

6-pin E5 Pink soldered to ignition switch Pink wire, GM ignition wire (also A1 here).

6-pin E6 soldered to ignition switch Yellow wire, starter wire.

The only harnesses plugged in are the 6-pin large, 20-pin, 4-pin antenna, and 2-pin valet switch.

When I press the remote start button on the RF-51 remote twice within 5 seconds, I do get a remote start (RS) Auto message on the LCD display and a chirp, but nothing happens- no ignition lights and no starter. The antenna has a green LED for RS status, but it has not come on at all. Here is the status LED info from Omega's manual:

LED Off: The RS is off and in stnadby mode.

LED Flashing slow: RS is activated.