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Can the Evo one oem (x3) start and D2D unlocking at the same time.

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I have a 2010 Honda Civic which I use OEM remote starting on I would like to add a pke or passive key entrance D2D from directed. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/757192/Directed-Electronics-2102t.html?page=7#manual
asked Sep 13, 2018 in FAQ by Stephen Butler (130 points)

1 Answer

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I do not know as those 2 units were never tested together.
answered Sep 14, 2018 by Derek (156,250 points)
Would I be able to direct wire the pke to the EVO One? I'm having a hard time finding a complete wiring diagram for an EVO One. I assume similar to the Evo all I would be able to use an input for lock and unlock.
The evo-one does not have lock and unlock inputs. So hardwiring would not be possible.
Can you choose what protocol is input it into the D2D? Like F1, F2, & F3
The rf port can have xl202 selected in the unit options under configuration.
evo-one does not have f options.


in connection mode remote start you need to click configuration then unit options and check xl202.


also that screen shot is of an evo-all not evo one
Does Fortin offer any PKE add-on solutions? Compatible with the evil one of course.
not at this time.
On a separate topic, what technology does the Evo start use. Does it run on a specific provider or technology like CDMA or GSM. I do see the website states that it is only available in Canada. What is the chances that it would work in the US?
0% chance it will work in the U.S.