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EVO One and Excalibur RF51-EDP no RF option available

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I am installing an EVO One into a 2006 Cadillac CTS. I have the module, the Flash-Link, and an Excalibur RF-51-EDP RF remote kit with antenna. The RF-51 shows as compatible with the EVO One. The instructions for enabling it appear to be outdated. I am using Flash-Link v.4. My remote start firmware is 1.24. My bypass firmware is 70.34. The instructions for using the RF-51 show a menu that does not exist on my screen- "Click configuration then unit options."


EDIT: For clarification, I have no options past section "D". I think the RF kit compatibility is section "H". There is no RF comptibility option for either the bypass or remote start.

Should I downgrade the Flashlink software? The instructions say Flash-Link-2 (I can't find any directions for V4), so I'm presuming this was a feature that used to be available.
closed with the note: responded to client via e-mail.
asked Sep 8, 2018 in RF-Kits by Paul Caraccount (340 points)
closed Sep 14, 2018 by Derek


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