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When I try to remote start im just getting flashing red light

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I tried troubleshooting it and when trying to remote start yellow and red connectors are not receiving power
asked Sep 2, 2018 in Ram by samuel gutierrez (160 points)

1 Answer

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How many times does the red light flash ? That will tell you why it's not starting, the troubleshooting pattern are written in the install guide.
answered Sep 4, 2018 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (57,460 points)
The red light flashes 5 times Nevermind I figured it out the dark blue can't be directly grounded it needs some type of resistance I just gorilla Tape it to a panel and the truck that has paint now it works fine
You do not need to tape the hoodpin wire to painted metal part. It either has to be connected to an actual hoodpin and/or valet switch. if you are not going to do either, then isolate the end of the dark blue wire with electrical tape.


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