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No horn function on 2010 Ford F-150

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I have installed EVO-All and RF642W into a 2010 Ford F-150.  I wired the install following guide 34441 and flashed firmware 71.46.  All functions work as expected such as remote start and lock / unlock with one exception. The horn does not sound.  I tried activating the evo-alarm with lock/unlock chirps.  I know the horn is controllable over the ms-can network; I hooked up a scan tool and was able to command the horn to honk.  Is it possible to get the horn working with the evo-all?  Thanks.
asked Aug 25, 2018 in Ford by Mike Stanko (130 points)

1 Answer

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Yes but horn is not supported on the can network.


Enable option G for evo alarm and the green wire on the 20 pin connector will become a negative horn output. Wire this into the vehicles negative trigger horn wire.
answered Aug 27, 2018 by Derek (151,130 points)


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