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Manual Cruze Evo All with RSG5 Crimestopper help

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2014 Chevy Cruze 6 speed. I have everything wired according to the Fortin guide and the trunk, and doors work with the aftermarket remote. But I can't get the car into reservation mode or to start. I've seen some mention about grounding out the green wire for the door lock but I'm not sure if that's what I need to do. I've programmed the tach input with the vehicle running and Evo should be sending the hand brake status and door pin status.
asked Aug 10, 2018 in Chevrolet by David Davis (310 points)

1 Answer

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please send the 12 digit service number of the module and the guide number you followed.


Thank you,
answered Aug 13, 2018 by JM (61,780 points)
The guide I followed is 63361. I will update this comment with the service number after work. The module is the evo-gmt1.
The service number is 001A06782269
Update. I removed the crimestopper remote start and programmed the evo all to be a standalone remote starter and installed it in the car and held the clutch down while I did the lock-unlock-lock sequence and the car started no problem. The issue has to be between the wiring of the crimestopper remote start and the evo module.

I was comparing the two t harness instllation guides between the evo one and evo all modules and noticed some things. The two manuals I am referencing are 28971 and 63361.

In the evo one guide for manual transmissions it shows that the brown and yellow wires are not connected, but in the evo all guide it shows the yellow wire connected to in/out ignition(+) and the brown wire connected to the out accessory(+) wire.

I'm out of ideas on this and would like some assistance if anyone has any ideas.
disconnect the accessory and try again. It is not needed and if the timing of accessory is off on the remote start, the car will not crank.
I disconnected the accessory wire and now I can go into reservation mode and remove the key and the car will keep running until I get out and shut the door and lock the car. All is good until I try the remote start. The driver information center goes into checking mode then says anti deterrent system and the car doesn't attempt to start
that implies that the immobilizer system is not being bypassed. You might need to start over master reset, reprogram and re-dcrypt the module and try again.


Thank you,
I tried a master reset with no luck. Any other ideas? The first time I try it it shows the service anti theft system and the second time it says to push the clutch in, I pushed the clutch in and it went right back to the anti theft warning.
Do I need to post another question? Also can I request a manual transmission setup guide for the evo all paried with an aftermarket remote start? It seems that there are several people in this forum that are having issues. If the evoall can serve as a keybypass only there should be some kind of documentation. I know once I get this working I will be documenting my entire process for others to follow.
have you got this working?
I did not. I ended up not installing both modules and instead installed the crimestopper on another vehicle with an automatic transmission and it worked.