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2012 PTS Taurus installation issues

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I'm installing an EVO-ALL into a '12 Taurus PTS. I've followed the the guide for stand-alone installation but I'm having a few issues.

1) After I plug in the 4 pin power connector(jumped from a constant 12v and ground), plug the rest of the connectors in, I'm unable to press the buttoin 3x to get into programming mode. The yellow light stays solid. If I just plug in the power, then press the buttion 3x then I can get into the correct mode and start programming.


2) I can fully program the module but when I goto Decrypter I get Empty Key data. All of the LEDs blink properly. I even get the slow blue LED flash atr the end of programming. If I plug the power back into the module the blue light will continue to blink slowly.


3) Update: I was sucessfully able to get the decrypter to work but now when I plug the module in the yellow light will stay on. If I try to remote start I get the red light will come on then turn off but no start. It seems the ignition wire is wrong in the manaul. At that connection there isn't a gray/brown wire but the violet/white wire is in it's correct location.
closed with the note: Connections issue.
asked Aug 3, 2018 in Ford by Brandon Cleary (1,250 points)
closed Aug 3, 2018 by derek !