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No install guide for 2004 Toyota Tundra without immobilizer

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Can not find an install guide for a 2004 Toyota Tundra without an immobilizer.  Where can I located one?
asked Jul 18, 2018 in Toyota by Rooted Nookie (280 points)

1 Answer

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There would be no reason for us,  "an immobilizer bypass manufacturer" to make and provide guides for vehicles with no immobilizer systems.

Non-immobilizer vehicles can be easily done with a digital voltmeter and a basic remote starter system as you would only need to power up the necessary ignition wires and connect to the required status wires for tach, brake, etc... all these wires are also available here on wirecolor.com, you have provided an Evo-One service number, please use the supplied wirecolor card to access the information you require. (vehicle information is only accessible for 48 hours)



Thank you,
answered Jul 19, 2018 by JM (61,720 points)
Hey Rico, thanks for the quick reponse.  I understand your reason, I was just going to use the Evo-One on the Tundra just as a standalone remote starter and take adventage of the long range RF 2-way remote.  The guide I was really looking for would be the programing of the Evo-One without an immobilizer.  Thanks.
On this particular vehicle since it does not have an immobilizer, nor canbus connections. there is actually no need to flash the bypass firmware since it wont be doing anything. All options and firmware programming will only be done on the remote starter side. Depending on the number of igntion wires you need to power up, you will need to set function 2 properly.


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