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Cant get the truck to remote start after successful programming and dcryptor process

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GMC Sierra 1500, EVO-GMT3. Blue light comes on fortin unit when I hit lock but only one time, even if I press lock 3 times. If I unlock the truck and press lock the blue light will come on the first time you press and not after that. No light shows up when you hit unlock. I have an aftermarket alarm and i'm not if I have selected the right options for evo to work.
asked May 28, 2018 in GMC by Jazz Grewal (190 points)

1 Answer

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Were did you connect the drk.blue wire from the 20 pin connector of the evo?
answered May 29, 2018 by Derek (178,310 points)
please test if the evo-all can start the vehicle by itself by finding the yellow/black wire in the 20 pin connector and touching it to a metal grounded part of the vehicle.  Since your module is currently set up to work in standalone mode, it should start by ground that yellow/black wire.

If it does start this way, you can connect this wire to a wire on your alarm/keyless system to trigger it, but this will also come with it's own set of problems, evo all setting off the alarm system when vehicle is remote started. But you can cross that bridge when you get there.


Thank you,
Vehicle starts soon as the yellow/black wire is grounded. Whats the next step?
I would like to start by saying thank you, you guys are great with customer service and are very helpful. So I did what you suggested with connecting wire from evo and my alarm together and everything is working fine. My alarm did have to aux so I attached aux 1 and I was lucky because by using Aux 1 it bypasses the alarm. I'm just having one small problem and it regarding when I remote start it automatically opens all doors, is there a setting in EVO that I can change so the doors stay lock until I unlock. Once again thank you for the great help.
Your alarm system is probably sending an unlock command before the AUX.... When grounding the yellow/black without using the alarm, do the doors unlock ?

When grounding yellow/black the doors don't unlock, The alarm that I have is Micro and I think it uses jumpers to select options. These are the options that are availalbe listed below


Jumper 1
OPEN – Last Door Arm/Auto Rearm = OFF
CLOSE – Last Door Arm/Auto Rearm = ON
Jumper 2
OPEN – Last Door Arm/Auto Rearm without Door Lock
CLOSE – Last Door Arm/Auto Rearm with Door Lock
Jumper 3
OPEN – Dome Light Delay for 60sec = ON
CLOSE – Dome Light Delay for 60sec = OFF
Jumper 4
OPEN – Central Door Lock (CDL) Pulse Timer = 3.5sec
CLOSE – Central Door Lock (CDL) Pulse Timer = 0.5sec