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Evo All 2010 Audi S4

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Hi, just installed an evo all into an 2010 S4 with PTS using the new transponder bypass installation guide. After decrypting the key and reconnecting the module, the vehicle started via 3x lock perfectly and performed take over, after the second test the vehicle kicked over then turned off and attempted a second restart without any success. After this the module doesn’t respond to 3x lock at all. Any ideas?? Module still has power and can activity

thank you



Starter 7.1.16

evo 2.4.18

date 02 2016
asked May 17, 2018 in Audi by Pauly_12v (210 points)

1 Answer

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Looks like this is related to possibly your options being set up wrong, along with not using the recomended version. Please do the following:

Turn OFF the following options in the module:

Bypass side:


Starter side:

-set 6.2 to 6.1

- set option 18.3 to 18.1 (unless your vehicle is diesel you didnt specify in the question).

- Set option 20.2 to 20.6

Once this is done flash the bypass with the recomended version (60.02) and then re program the module inlcuding dcryptor and re test the 3x lock feature.
answered May 17, 2018 by Derek (156,590 points)
Hi, thanks for the fast reply. I better correct my self. It’s an evo-one and petrol engine
Ok, please perform what I have indicated above.
Also only enable D2 if the vehicle is equipped with an OEM alarm, if it is not please turn off that option.
ok, made the above changes and still not trying to start
underneath the yellow loop that you cut is there a red led on solid?
Only solid red when connected to pc, when in the vehicle no red light.  on the front of the module I get a blue flash on every second unlock command and a solid Amber when ignition is turned on
Also, tried an evo-all in standalone config and same issue

hardware v6 firmware 60.02