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Audi A5 PTS

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I will be installing the EVO-ALL in my 2014 Audi A5 which has push to start and the keyport using the guide 72791.

I want to confirm a few things prior to wiring anything up in the vehicle.  

  • Pin A16 - This is not needed in my instance correct? I spoke with Crutchfield support who says this is for an external (secondary) ignition use and is not required to be hooked up in my case.  If it is needed can you give details where this should be connected?
  • Is there an option when using the RF642W that will enable the rear defroster as one of the aux outputs? 

Thanks for your help,


asked May 2, 2018 in Audi by Brandon Schaefer (130 points)

1 Answer

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Pin A16 is not needed if you are doing a standalone installation. There is no Aux output wire on the evo-all that can be used to trigger the defrost circuit.


An Evo-One will have one programmable aux output wire.
answered May 2, 2018 by Rico (52,140 points)

Thank you for the info and quick response!

I've gotten it all wired up and tested out, just a few questions on the operation.



(Edit: I now see that the takeover procedure doesn't say you have to push the button so I think this is all correct.)


All works properly, except for when I push on the brake pedal after a remote start, unlock, and entry in the vehicle it does not shut down.  

However, when I am already in the vehicle:

if I start and immediately press brake it turns off.

If i start, unlock and then press brake it turns off.


It is just when I start, unlock, open door, and then brake it doesn't turn off.  Even if i do not follow the takeover procedure of pressing the PTS start button first. I can drive off at that point.  


Just want to make sure this is the intended process and I haven't missed anything. 



I had enabled the long press to open/close windows from the factory remote.  (using the VAGCOM cable for Audi to enable this in the computer).  The settings still show this is enabled in the Audi computer, but this no longer functions.  Is there a way to reenable this?  I'm not that disappointed if there isn't.



Here are my current settings.

HW: 6

FW: 60.02

Options: A1-11, C1, D1, D1.7, D1.10, D2, D6, H2


Thanks again,


Once the unit is remote started and detects a valid unlock, it will go into takeover mode, it is waiting for you to insert the keyfob into the keyport BEFORE YOU PRESS ON THE BRAKE, so that when you get to your destination, removing the key from the keyport will shut down the vehicle.

Please follow the takeover procedure at the end of the installation guide.

I would try setting that option for the window rollup/rolldown, it could be that programming the evo to the vehicle overwrites previously changed options.

Thank you,
Remote start is working great.

Just to update the thread, the remote window up/down does work after resetting the setting in the VAGCOM computer.

Thanks for your help!