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06 Chevy TrailBlazer LS How To Wire Door Unlock And Lock. And Start Issue.

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I'm installing an Evo One with the RFkit in an 2006 Chevy Trailblazer. I cant find any information on where to connect the (-) purple lock and unlock wires. And if I need to use relays. Also the unit starts, shut down and immediatly try to restart at a longer cranking time, but never catch and stay running. On Bypass I have options A1-A11 and C1 ON everything else is OFF. On the Starter options 2.1, 1, 4.1, 6.1  and rest Off, 7.1, 8.1, 9.1, 10.1, 11.1  Off 11.4, 12.1, 13.2, 14.1, 15.1, 16.5, 18.1, 19.1, 20.2, 21.1, 24.1, Off 25., 26.1, 29.1, 30.1, 31.1, 32.1, 33.1, 34.1, 35.1, 36.2, 37.1, 38.1 Off, 39.1.

asked Apr 15, 2018 in Chevrolet by Carlos Paige (750 points)
edited Apr 15, 2018 by Carlos Paige

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Please set option 20.2 and adjust the crank option set opion 3 to 1.

Also door locks should be handled through data no need to wire the wires to the vehicle.
answered Apr 16, 2018 by derek ! (284,720 points)
selected Apr 18, 2018 by Carlos Paige
Yes, It's set to that option. The vehicle is equipped with passlock security. Would I need the INT-SL+ or Passlock-SL2-V2 along with the Evo One to override it?
Function 20 should be to 20.2, you have it right now at 20.1

Function 3 should be put back to 1 for testing.

and no, you do not need to add anything to the evo-one to be able to bypass the passlock system in the vehicle.


Thank you,
Functions 20- 20.2 and 3- 1.  Car starts for a sec then shut down then turns over immediately after for about 5 seconds, it then wait for about 8 secs then repeats for a sec time. 4 total attempts. One short crank with one sec start. One 5 sec crank with no start.

Functions 20- 20.1 and 3- 1. Yields the same as above, except on the 2 attempt it doesn't do the 5 second crank. 3 total attempts.
With an issue such as this I would suggest calling tech support 1-87-336-7797 when you are at the vehicle with the module so we can go over the installation and options together to determine the issue.
I'm an idiot. Went back through checking behind myself and realized. I didn't program the key bypass. Everything is working fine now. Thank you.