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2012 F150 with Evo-All and aftermarket remote start setting of factory alarm intermittently

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I installed an aftermarket remote start system with push button start and proximity fobs. I wired it through the evo-all wire for wire to the remote start except for the horn which I didn't want beeping multiple times everytime I disarmed with the aftermarket fob. My main issue is with remote starting, but I will explain the behaviors of the systme in case they all add up to one answer.

When I unlock with the aftermarket fob the Accessory function of the ignition turns on for about 2 seconds then unlocks the truck. As long as the doors are all closed it will lock instantly, but the dome light takes about a minute to fade out. These I can live with. Usually I can hold the remote start button on my aftermarket fob for 4-5 seconds and it starts up no problem. At least once a week, sometime more frequently lately, the factory alarm will start sounding. If I start pressing keys randomly on the fob it may stop the alarm and then start, but usually it keeps sounding until I manually disarm the factory alarm. Luckily I have the keypad on the door to disarm the factory alarm since I don't carry the original keys anymore in lieu of the new push button start. The push button start works flawlessly everytime.

My Evo-All is updated to the newest firmware. I had it updated to the "Recommended" firmware, but something wasn't working correctly (can't remember exactly what, maybe the remote start, its been about 6 months).

Any help diagnosing this would be awesome. I love the remote start and the push button. But its really embarrasing trying to start the truck coming out of the store and then have your alarm sound until you walk accross the lot to enter code in door keypad. Takes away some of the conveniences.
asked Apr 12, 2018 in Ford by Clint Griffith (320 points)

2 Answers

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service number to the module please.
answered Apr 12, 2018 by Derek (160,200 points)
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When I unlock with the aftermarket fob the Accessory function of the ignition turns on for about 2 seconds then unlocks the truck

That is normal and how the factory alarm is disarmed. 


need service number for the rest

answered Apr 13, 2018 by Robb (216,510 points)
Truck has been in and out of shop for most the year for engine problems, recently got it back with a new engine and same thing is still happening which reminded me to comback with the required info.

Service #: 001A06698355

Hardware Version: 6.0

Firmware Version: 71.[47]

Options A1-A12 , B1 , and C1 are ON.

All other options are OFF.

To add the the original description of behavior, sometimes when I attempt the remote start the system will power on in the accessory mode, but not does not start and just sits there with the stereo and accessories on until I open the door with the keypad and turn things off with the push button start (pushing button without holding down brake will turn off accessory mode). When this happens the aftermarket fob becomes unresponsive like the Evo-All is no longer accepting input from it.
The red led will tell you if the evo is even active and ready to shoot out the immobilizer code. If it is not on, check the Ground while running wire, A8.


If the red led turns on, then off, but all accessories are still powered until you open a door, this means there an issue with the RAP connection. This is the driver door pin connection. In some cases, remote starters need to send a lock after shut down in order for the evo to replicate the door open.


The factory alarm, if it's a Ford OEM alarm and not the Factory dealer installed CodeAlarm system, will disarm automatically when remote starting since ignition/accessory and the transponder are present. Quick way too know which you have, is too have the alarm ring then insert the key in the barrel and turn it on. If the alarm stops, it's the oem alarm. If it does not, then it<s the dealer installed codealarm.


If the starter has any setting enabled that disarms the oem alarm before remote start it will/may time out the evo for proper immobilizer bypass. If there is a setting enabled in the starter for disarm before start, turn it off.
I am actively trying to diagnose this problem now. My vehicle is equipped with an OEM alarm.

If I use the pushbutton start (which is part of the same EasyGo module as the remote start) the Evo red light turns on, the truck starts, and then the red light turns off and yellow turns on.

If I try the remote start button the Evo red light turns on and the accessories turn on, but no engine start and the Evo stops taking input such as lock/unlock from the EasyGo (this is also the point where about 70% of the time the alarm goes off) - I have to use the door keypad to unlock/disarm alarm, then push the EasyGo start button once to turn off the accessories.

There is no programming options for the EasyGo unit, so whatever is set can't be changed and the manufacturer is nonexistent when it comes to support.

The original bypass option for the EasyGo was to put a key in a bypass module that connects to a +/- output from the EasyGo unit which energizes the bypass module, and wrapping a wire from the bypass module around the transponder, and removing the keyed ignition cylindar. I am unsure of how it would deal with the factory alarm. Most likely since there is no RAP wiring on the EasyGo unit it would just simply bypass the factory alarm.

I originally wanted to Evo because I was thinking the key in the bypass module would be a constant bypass and the ignition could be forced or use a copied key, but I since realized the +/- output that energizes it would prevent that (unless somebody hotwired the module which is another worry). My other concern is puting a functional key in the vehicle that can potentially be discovered and used to steal the vehicle.

Maybe if I disconnect the door pin wiring to prevent arming of the OEM alarm?

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